High Math


In the time of the ancient Greeks, music was considered to be the highest form of art. Surpassing all other visual art forms, music forged a deliberate bond with the abstract, relying on mathematically driven principles to sustain it. With the aid of two golden principles, harmony and meter, music was able to build a “tunnel to the stars”, entrusting each and every listener with a passageway to connect with a higher power, a divine order in the universe. High Math is a NYC based producer who has been steadily releasing quality productions and remixes for the past year. With releases on UK label, Spindisc Recordings, and his own digital imprint, P▽TH△GOR△S, the 27-year-old rising talent wants you to know that this isn’t his first rodeo. Entrenched in the house music scene for almost a decade, the bright young artist worked at Josh Wink’s preeminent label, Ovum Recordings, which truly cemented his love for house music. His own original productions span the length of the genre, with a primary focus on deep house, ambient, and techno. Recent performances include: Mysteryland USA (May 2015) Verboten NY (June 2015) www.soundcloud.com/high-math highmathmusic@gmail.com

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