J.P. Kallio “The Call”


Got another amazing album from J.P. Kallio titled “The Call”.  This 11 track album is fantastic and will take you on a ride through heartfelt songs that will draw out your emotions.  J.P. has a very distinctive style that is raw and unfiltered.  His songwriting is refined and each of the 11 songs will paint rich pictures in your mind.  I highly recommend any audiophile follow J.P. as he is a very cool tunes alumnus who really knows how to craft a great song!  Let’s dig into each track below.  Listen along and read our commentary and connect with J.P. and tell all your friends about him.

“Call Off The Angels” – A great introduction to the album.  J.P. has a way of writing songs that are intimate and personal the opening track tells you this album will be a perfect one to get close with.

“On His Way To Hell” – A hypnotic guitar groove with a rich story of a man who is struggling with life’s trying times.  It is honest and nicely arranged.

“Take Me As I Am” – Beautiful guitar playing along with a somber and emotional vocal, this song builds upon an already perfect start.

“The Call” – The title track features a nice lively arrangement with J.P.’s distinctive vocals along with a building backdrop.  The song develops so nicely and this one will bring chills to the back of your neck.

“No Safe Bets” – Another great song painting a rich picture and featuring fantastic guitar.

“You And I” – A romantic piece featuring a nice acoustic melody.  It is intimate and draws you into the suffering of a relationship that is struggling.  The love in the lyrics shines clearly through with a yearning to rekindle a once passionate love affair.

“Watch The Rain” – A strong piece that features strong measures and an unapologetic look at the accomplishments of this talented young songwriter.

“Drowning Man” – Delicate guitars and gripping lyrics make this one a classic.

“Fight” – A passionate song about the struggles many go through.  The uplifting guitar and bleak lyrics are quite a marvel to experience.

“Just Friends” – A darker piece that has an underlying anger in its delivery with its angst ridden delivery and slow and building arrangement.  It is the second to last track and it really shows how much love hurts when it goes away.

“What Are We To Do” – This is the departing message on this fantastic album.  It is a perfect ending to a perfect album that you have to check out and dive into.  It is so rich in its bare presentation.


J.P. delivered another beautiful work, connect with him now!  Bravo!!!



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